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At Hat Doctor, we believe that "a hat is an extension of your personality".  That's why Carole and Greg work with you to design and build each hat - one at a time, specifically for each individual.

The Hat Doctor's 100-year reputation depends on the quality of each hat .... using the best materials and methods to achieve the best results - a unique custom made western hat that wears well for years!

Carole and Greg pay attention to the small details in the fit, the form, and even the felt itself .... to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Hat Doctor starts with rough hat bodies or hoods, manufactured by one of the oldest and most respected hat body makers in the U.S. They also still use traditional methods dating back well over 100 years!

All Hat Doctor Hats are made of 100% pure beaver. We do not offer blends at all. You’ll also notice we don’t use the familiar “X” rating, which is traditionally used to designate the amount of beaver fur in the felt. Since there is no industry standard in the “X” ratings, it is impossible to compare hats using this system. The question you want to ask is “What percentage of beaver fur is in the hat?”. The best quality hat you can buy is 100% beaver.

Beaver fur is compared to a whisker on a dog’s nose, though smaller and finer.  This type of hair does not absorb moisture easily unlike the hair on your head or on a dog’s back. That's why beaver fur is the best material for hats that hold their distinct shape and resist all types of weather.

With Hat Doctor 100% beaver felt, western fashion meets tried and true function!

Select the colour, crown, and brim by looking through our different galleries. For sizing and other custom instructions, contact Greg and Carole for a free personal consultation.

 Want to give someone the most unique gift possible?  HAT DOCTOR GIFT CERTIFICATES are available!  Then Hat Doctor will work with your gift recipient to design and build the western hat that's just right for them!  Perfect for special occasions ... award presentations ... corporate gifts ... to commemorate life's milestones ... a gift that lasts a lifetime!  Contact Hat Doctor about our Gift Certificates today.